Sunday, December 20, 2009

Steps Through The Mist - Zoran Živković (translated by Alice Copple-Tošić)

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The Deal: At this point in time, due to an RSI, I can only type for 10 minutes at a time. What you see below is what is hammered out before the timer goes off- and nothing more.

Another mosaic novel, and I'm running out of adjectives that are effusive and complimentary and excited enough to express the joy in these three books.

Unlike the previous two, which come together at the end, the connections between the pieces is established in the first story. Five women have a dream, or, dreamed they're having a dream. The scenarios look at the unknown and the uncertain, and how we deal with the great and formidable 'un's in our lives. Does not knowing save us? Should we shy from the unknown or sally forth boldly?

There is no one 'this is so' statement to be made. The unknown by definition cannot be known, and cannot be prepared for. Conversely, even that which is known cannot be expected either.

Where Impossible Encounters was a book of men, this is a book of women. A small but well chosen selection, crossing ages and social standing.

In the end, you make up your own mind.

Verdict: ...and then I finished this set of mosaic novels, and was sad-hearted and down-mouthed that there were no more, and you can only ever read a book for the first time once.

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