Monday, December 21, 2009

Murder on the Orient Express - Agatha Christie

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The Deal: At this point in time, due to an RSI, I can only type for 10 minutes at a time. What you see below is what is hammered out before the timer goes off- and nothing more.

This time, no waiting for the murder, it happened quite early in the book. Just the one murder, this time. And Poirot did his thing, again. Only with less rushing about and new developments to throw him in a spin. This time, he interviewed the passengers, had a think, interviewed the passengers some more, thought a bit more, and then came to the right conclusion.

I read this in one night. These books are quite more-ish, they're like M&Ms. I was quite alright throughout the entire book, until I finished, turned the light off, and discovered I was shit scared.

Of what, I don't know! There was no menace in the book. No threat or danger. But augh! I could not sleep without the light on. Odd.

This one vexed me considerably more than the previous, as Poirot solved the case by utilising details that the reader was not given, which...grrrrrr. If I want to be surprised by the outcome, then let the outcome be surprising rather than a conclusion I cannot reach on my own with the details given or not given to me.

Said conclusion also made my mouth twist a bit. Mrrrr.

Verdict: Mmmmmm.

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