Wednesday, September 14, 2016

So You Want to Go Back to School

Your education is more than 7 years old, well out of date. You will have to complete recognised bridging courses to meet the entry requirements.

Bridging course: $800

You are unemployed and Centrelink gives you $540 a fortnight in Newstart allowance.
The bridging course requires complete payment before study can commence.
You apply for a payment plan, providing details of your Newstart allowance.
Your application for a payment play is rejected as you do not earn enough.
You ask your parents for help.

At the end of the course, you will need to sit a final exam.

Final exam: $75

As you are a non-school leaver, you will need to take STAT tests to prove to the university that you are capable of study.

STAT multiple choice: $100
STAT written exam: $100

The STAT test must be booked and paid in full at the time of booking.
You use that tiny bit of savings you'd nestled away.

You must lodge your application for the course you desperately want to do.

Application fee: $50
Application fee after 29 September: $100

Copies of your academic transcripts are required.
After three days of unpacking, you find them.
You are not religious but some entity somewhere needs a blood sacrifice for sparing you the cost of ordering new copies.

You are a bit nervous about the STAT tests, as it has been close to 15 years since you last smelt academia.
There are preparation workshops offered for those sitting the tests.

Multiple choice workshop: $170
Written exam workshop: $170

It's just too much.

Ask again for financial help and improve your chances?
Skip the workshops and possibly screw your chances?

By this point, you have already forked out over $1000 for the ability to apply.

There is no promise you will be made an offer.

You aren't even thinking about the HECS debt.