Wednesday, February 29, 2012

I am reading. I am concentrating. This is a focus so long unworn. Remembrances that are not memories stir somewhere deeper than the heart.

I want to make.

Saturday, February 25, 2012




It is a reboot of the original series, and I have to say, it is ace. The origins of the turtles and Splinter has knit together several antagonists from various, shall we call them, parallel universes that the many many licensed franchises the turtles have evolved in over the years. A good blend of both the original Mirage comic and the 80s cartoon, even featuring "General Krang". Curious to see if Krang remains a gooby brain (I never did like the story arc given to the gooby brain Krang/Shredder character in the new TMNT cartoon series). Art work by Dan Duncan is gorgeous, once again blending the multitude of styles in which the turtles have been depicted in the past. A good balance for the kids new to turtledom, and the kids grew up but never let it go.


(Funnily enough, I was only this week missing my TMNT comics and DVDs. We all have our comfort stories. Thank you, universe. Don't think I don't appreciate it.)

Monday, February 20, 2012

Pigtails: +10 Cuteness

This is the longest my hair has been since I chopped it all off.
What the hell do you do with all this stuff? I just gets in the way all the time, and I actually need to use conditioner now. An extra product! That's not low maintenance!

(Actually, I'm just scared of going to an unknown hairdresser. Only used the one back home, she knew what to do. Me, I have no idea what she did, so don't know what to ask for.)

Ed, En, BRAAAAH of Rooftops

Just one of the many closes that form the ribs from the spine of the Royal Mile.

In New York it was water tanks. In the UK, it's chimneys. Seriously. WTF.

And Edinburgh is just such a bloody pretty town, yet so full of winds and trees and twists it is near impossible to photograph.

How is it possible to be both orderly and ramshackle at the same time?

The monument to Sir Walter Scott, for contributions to Scottish literature, a revival of Scottish culture and raising interest and passion in Scotch identity.
A monument to a writer.
A writer.

"What do you think of Michael Bay?"

These ones aren't too bad, to be honest. Humour is always a plus. Snide little put downs (which may easily be tongue-in-cheek, but without knowing the owner of the voice nor having any emotive modifiers to guide my interpretation I have know way of knowing this) are not.

Friday, February 17, 2012

Just blindsided by the most awesome ever.

Monday, February 13, 2012

Honestly, you people.

I love the search string section in site stats.

Saturday, February 11, 2012


There is a lot to be said regarding the inconveniences of snow, but being an Australian who did not make use of the ski season, I'm fairly certain it will take a great deal more snow and inconvenience before the novelty wears off.

It isn't only that it changes the whole world around you, changing the mood and flavour of any environment, nor how pretty the flakes are as they fall, although of course I love these qualities as well.

What I love best is how tactile an experience snow is. I love walking on snow, the way it crunches and crackles so satisfyingly underfoot. It has a wonderful give and at the same time, a perfect firmness as well. The way it moulds so perfectly to the pattern of any sole is just a little bit ridiculously delightful, and should I retrace my steps I can't help but examine all my footprints and be pleased and proud of their crispness. Except when I drag my heels, which is often it would seem. And, oh! The sound snow makes when tromped upon! I love it! The crunch, creak, grind, crackle, squeak and squawk, I love it! The same way I loved cracking acorns in Wilmington, and I stomp on gum cups back home, and curly dried bark.

I don't actually like touching snow. It is, unsurprisingly, very cold.

Snow is a storyteller. Today I went for a wander through Nottingham, and found a bowling green locked away and that square of unbroken white was asking to to be written upon. By birds, by rabbits, by dogs and by me.

When snow is fresh, it makes us explorers and pioneers, treading where no one has trod before.

I saw a White Horse on a White Hill

The giant chalk figures carved into the slopes of the Salisbury Plain were definitely on my list of Wonders to Behold, and so yesterday my native guide and I set off on a quest to view the Uffington White Horse, along with other neolithic marvels.

Now, as I said, these carvings are chalk, ergo, white.


Employment QET

It's very hard to pull out of the "I'm travelinq! I have no responsibilities! I am beholden to no one and nothinq!" mindset. As far as mindsets qo, it's a bloody awesome one, sinqularly unfettered, brazen and indulqent.

But, the monies. The UK £ eats and punches and qenerally stomps all over the AUD$, and I did come all this way to try my hand at a different life. Durinq my second week in London I made a lazy perusal of ads for live-in jobs, found one in the remote north-west of Scotland, and after takinq several days to write a sinqle paqe CV (seriously, aqencies of the Victorian Public Service, SHORT RESUMES ARE AWESOME), emailed that off. And continued flouncinq around museums and the like, with qreat intentions to look and apply for further jobs. Qreat intentions.

Anyway, I haven't applied for anythinq else. I haven't even looked.

Which is fine, because I qot that job.


First: QLEE!
Second: Excitement!
Third: Shock.
Fourth: ...wait, this means I'm qoinq to have to start qettinq up in the morninqs?
Fifth: QLEE!

Thursday, February 09, 2012

"You like catwoman or something?"

It's been too lonq since the last 'sharinq is carinq' post of messaqes received unsolicited on OkCupid and left sittinq in my messaqe box without response. Once aqain, usernames removed as I have no intention of humiliatinq the individual, but my qoodness I'll pass judqement on the lot.

As you can see, some of these messaqes are leqitmately awesome (mad, mad, mad, MAD props for the Swiss Army Shark), and, as you can see, some of them aren't.

You can also no doubt see that calling someone 'crazy', 'a nutcase', 'weird' and other similar labels isn't going to get you anywhere. 'Crazy' especially. You don't know shit about the person on the receiving end of your message, whether or not they've had to struggle with their thought patters, brain chemistry, or watched this struggle in the people they care about.

I've had to fight to not be crazy on my terms, so I know I am not crazy, and fuck you for having such a small narrow world view that anything not fitting neatly within its parameters must be 'crazy'.



Guys. The Swiss Army Shark. Always a winner.