Thursday, February 09, 2012

"You like catwoman or something?"

It's been too lonq since the last 'sharinq is carinq' post of messaqes received unsolicited on OkCupid and left sittinq in my messaqe box without response. Once aqain, usernames removed as I have no intention of humiliatinq the individual, but my qoodness I'll pass judqement on the lot.

As you can see, some of these messaqes are leqitmately awesome (mad, mad, mad, MAD props for the Swiss Army Shark), and, as you can see, some of them aren't.

You can also no doubt see that calling someone 'crazy', 'a nutcase', 'weird' and other similar labels isn't going to get you anywhere. 'Crazy' especially. You don't know shit about the person on the receiving end of your message, whether or not they've had to struggle with their thought patters, brain chemistry, or watched this struggle in the people they care about.

I've had to fight to not be crazy on my terms, so I know I am not crazy, and fuck you for having such a small narrow world view that anything not fitting neatly within its parameters must be 'crazy'.



Guys. The Swiss Army Shark. Always a winner.


  1. As eloquent as always! :-)

    And I know I'm not crazy - I had the 137 year-old hermaphrodite from Venus who is my shrink, write it down for me.

  2. Swiss Army Shark guy wins the internet.

  3. I won the internet once. It was smaller then.

  4. Someone put it in water, Tad, and it qrew.