Saturday, December 12, 2009

Punktown - Jeffrey Thomas

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The Deal: At this point in time, due to an RSI, I can only type for 10 minutes at a time. What you see below is what is hammered out before the timer goes off- and nothing more.

I'm paying the price for letting the time between reading and writing grow to such ridiculous lengths. I know I had things I wanted to say about this book, and bugger me if I can remember.

Punktown is a collection of stories set in the same tired, brutal, fantastic city, the stories traveling through the various facets of life, from artists to detectives to runaway clones. The flavour made me think of Bladerunner, only with more dirt, more garbage, more violence, and no way out. Neon lights and startling graffiti.

That isn't entirely true. While I do look like a twat for writing about a book I don't properly remember, it means I can quite easily pick out the stories that stayed with me. Heart for Heart's Sake has remained quite clear and strong in my mind. It deals with the question of art, and where the line that divides 'art for art's sake' and 'making a living' falls, a line I believe is so subjective as to be incomprehensible. I had a quick read through of it again before starting this, and it is as resonant now as it was then.

Weaving through the stories is a strong theme of memory, and who isn't a sucker for memory? Thomas deals with the different trials memory offers to us all with greatly varying characters in different walks of life.

I do remember getting to the end of this book and wishing it were bigger. I wasn't done yet.

Verdict: Tasty, different stuff, but be warned, this is an entree, so prepare yourself if you're after a meal.

Thanks to Miss Apricot, who doesn't quite approve of my reading such sordid tales (although secretly she loves it).

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