Saturday, December 12, 2009

i'm not too smart, but i'm not too dumb

I have a toaster! AUGH!

Which is not to say I bought a new toaster, or was given a new toaster. My parent's old toaster needed a new home now they have a new shiny toaster, and my home is built on nothing but the family surplus. I'd like to say I was excited to give the toaster a try this morning, but, uh, I've been using this toaster for years and years already.

Regardless, TOASTER. I haven't had a toaster since I moved out, also years ago. It's a small item, yes, a simple and not expensive item that I could have bought for myself many times over, but I did not. It's amazing what you can live without, and a toaster is one of these things.

BUT I LOVE TOAST. AND I TOTALLY JUST HAD TOAST, FRESH TOAST, RIGHT HERE IN MY FLAT. I'd share pictures with you of the lovely crisped golden bread so hot the peanut butter was melting on it, but I ate it. You're damn right I ate it.

A quick heads up - today, and for the next several days, there's going to be pretty heavy bombardment here. Looking at all the many things I want to achieve before the end of the year, knowing I couldn't get them all done, I've decided to concentrate on one fight I know I can win. I still have 31 books to write about, and I want that done and out of the way before I go overseas. Keeps what I read from year to year neat (even if they're shit write ups banged out in ten minutes.)

Right, now I'm off to do something else for 10 minutes. (~, I can't find your email address in my archives, would you mind pinging me? Thanks!)

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