Friday, September 14, 2007

Sorry for the spammage. Expect it to continue tomorrow night, and the night after, and possible the night after. GO FREE WIFI, GO. I apologise again not just for the huge photos, but for the writing. Generally, I'm banging out those posts at the end of the day, when I'm bloody exhausted and not at my most eloquent.

Ha, whatever! I'm never at my most eloquent. I have no most eloquent. I defy eloquence!

I'm currently in Kamakura, which was Japan's capital in the 13th century. There is a matsuri on this weekend, at the Tsurugaokuhachimangu Shrine, and there will be horseback archery involved. Eeee! Yesterday I saw Fuji-san. Eeee! I have attended a sumo tournament. Eeee! I have eaten strange and alien and wonderful things. Eeee! I am very fucking tired. Ergle.

Tired, and in a perpetual state of elation.

What's happening back home? Tell me stories.


  1. Anonymous15/9/07 01:38

    Taco Rice and Cheese
    That's about all I Have to say.
    Eat some, it's great.

  2. Anonymous15/9/07 02:01

    What's happening back home? Stacks and stacks of books calling your name, telling you "We want you to own us. Come back to us, Tessa. Come back, Tessa..."


  3. That sounds awesome, Quazz, where can I get me some of that?

    JEFF, DO NOT BE A TURD. I CAN'T HEAR YOU. I've seen how big your sale is. When I'm back home in five weeks, there'll still be books for the schnaffling.

  4. Anonymous15/9/07 22:06



  5. ~before scrolling back to read all the marvellousness of Japan~

    Are you going to still be in Japan Friday the 21st? Cos Neil's signing. Dunno if you'd be interested or not, but here is a bit of info. Also more on his blog. :)


  6. Anonymous16/9/07 10:48

    ...that was me. Fucking Google. Heh.

  7. I am, but I won't be in Tokyo. I'll be in Osaka. I think. Better to leave it for his Japanese fans. Although if I get the chance, I'll try and watch Stardust while I'm here.

  8. Anonymous17/9/07 10:23

    Ah, well, worth a shot. :) And it's not like he's omgneverontour! The man travels like a pigeon.

    I'm glad you're having such a marvellous time. :D I would tell you stories of what's going on back home but at the moment they're all at least vaguely stressful, so I will wait to plague you with them when you're not on holiday. Nothing fucks up a vacation like someone else whinging at length. ;)

    Much love! Eat strange and wonderful things in my honour at least once, won't you? It's a fair bet whatever it is is something I'd eat; I'll try anything. Buaha!