Monday, September 24, 2007

Magnificent piece of art, isn't it? I like to call it "Raining in Kyoto", as that's what it's been doing since midafternoon. Not that pissy Melbourne on-off rain either, heavy and constant. The clouds actually reached down, tapped me on the shoulder and said, "you know, we can keep this up for hours." They did, too. Well done. My jeans were soaked up past the knee, and my socks squelched when I walked.

New back-dated posts are up; Matsumoto, the Trans Alpine Route, bath madness in Hakone, and Fuji, eggs, torii and DEATHTRAPS.

For some reason, the optus mailserver doesn't like the IP I'm using. I haven't been able to send any mail, apologies for those of you waiting on replies.

More postcard recipients required. Do the email thing.

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  1. that's fairly common (the email thing) - most ISPs don't let you connect directly to their mailserver unless you're coming from one of their IP addresses. If they've got a webmail interface, you'll have to use that.