Friday, September 07, 2007

So,how`s about them typhoons? FYI: they involve a lot of rain. I think I slept through the worst of it though.

Japanese keyboards are very hard to type on. I keep hitting the wrong key and turning my roman alphabet letters into hiragana.

Haven`t yet had a nice cozy place to leech some wireless and upload all I`ve written. Will spam you later.

I wonder if you can get tired of falling in love with the world.



  2. Anonymous10/9/07 20:26

    LOL! Thanks for that link!
    (Ok, this is... disturbing: I have no trouble recognizing Tessa in that picture - but if I click through to the previous one, I have to look twice to make certain that yes, that's really her, too. Must be the strange shape of her mouth...) ;)

  3. Anonymous11/9/07 03:54

    Get tired of falling in love with the world? I hope not.

  4. Ahaha! I was just about to check Ellen's photos. I am all class, I am.

    Aanimal, I'm not surprised. I actually suck at smiling.

    Jeri, I hope so too.

  5. You can't go anywhere without displaying your tonsils to the world!

  6. Jaime, you love my tonsils and you know it.