Friday, September 21, 2007

House Keeping

  1. The second lot of postcards I sent have started to land, and I think I know what happened to the first lot. Apparently, if you write on the address half of the postcard, they charge you extra postage here. I can't figure out the logic of it. That's what I did, however, so I suspect that the Japan Postal Service is holding onto those postcards and glaring at the lack of extra postage. They may or may not ever arrive. Pity, they were the prettiest so far.

  2. I've discovered a diet joy in the sending of postcards. I like buying them, but have no reason to keep them for myself, so despite my best efforts I'm building up a postcard back log. I'm throwing this open: if you'd like a postcard from Japan, send me an email (link to the right there), and I'll see what I can do. Nothing intelligent will be written, I've already devolved to "I woz 'ere". Complete strangers and lurkers more than welcome to come forward.

  3. If anyone going to Conflux has the time, could you possibly do me a favour? Go take a photo of yourself chewing on a copy of Daikaiju! 3 and send it to me. I would love proof of its existence, having waited this long. No idea when contributor copies will turn up. Actually I can't even remember if we get contributor copies. Dammit, that email is back in Melbourne. Okay, if you're feeling really magnanimous, buy a copy and send it to my home address, so's my family may marvel at my awesome l33t skillz, and I'll send you something nifty from Japan. Volunteers, do the email clicky thing.

  4. Kudos to Rajan appearing in the Pirate Issue of Shimmer and Ian appearing in issue #22 of Hub. Wooot!

  5. Finally, this is what happens when you start giving lip to established author types; they make you a contract killer in a Predator novel. Which is incredibly fucking cool. I'm kinda hoping that she bumps into this Big Game Hunter Aussie Benjamin Peake character, and turns out to be a PETA activist in her free time, and gives him what for.


  1. Anonymous22/9/07 11:50

    I think nightshift has messed me up even more than I htought. I can't find the email link...

    Must sleep.

  2. Anonymous23/9/07 00:30

    My mommy would like a postcard, I bet. :) I will email you her address tonight when I am at home.

  3. sirtessa AT optusnet DOT com DOT au