Thursday, September 20, 2007

Sir Tessa and the (other) Tessa

(Blogger is being snerky about uploading pictures, so use those imaginations of yours, yo.)

Fugu - pufferfish - was accomplished. Thankfully, the restaurant had an option for a single serving of fugu sashimi, as I didn't feel like a full meal, and sashimi is the only important part of this tale. The plate was brought out, the fish nearly tissue thin and transparent.

It tastes rather bland, and has a not entirely pleasant rubber texture.

There's a saying that gets tossed at people who've just been dumped, "plenty more fish in the sea." That is true in the case of fugu; there are other fish out there, that are cheaper, will not come with the threat of lethal poisonous death, and taste a hell of a lot better.

That wasn't the point of the exercise though. I partly wanted to eat fugu just because of the look on Mum's face when I suggested it, but mostly because I discovered what fugu sashimi is actually named.

That's right.

Fugu sashimi is called 'tessa'.


  1. Anonymous20/9/07 20:28

    ~third time trying to comment, aaaargh!~

    Zomg cannibalism! Sort of. A little.



    Glad to see you made it out alive.

  2. Anonymous22/9/07 11:43


    *is very amused*

    Too bad it's not super tasty to go along with the experience and cost. But very cool that you got to try it!

  3. I suspect that's mostly because the restaurant I picked wasn't exactly....quality.

    I have found a place in Tokyo that sounds great, however, so I might give it another go at the end of my trip. We'll see how much money I have left.