Thursday, December 20, 2007

It is not Cthulhu's lollipop. It is a Neptunea Amianta atop an egg sack-stalk-thingy. Do you want to know more?


"That's no moon. It's a spacestation GIANT FUCKING ANEMONE!" I particularly love how, after detailing its size, the article goes on to state, "That's just downright dangerous."

Well. Duh. IT'S A GIANT FUCKING ANEMONE! RAAAAAAAAAARRR! Cthulhu uses these to powder his nose after his choc-top. Totally.


  1. It may not be Cthulu's lolliop, but it does look kinda like his choc-top ice cream cone.

  2. The stalk does look rather waffle coney, dunnit? Bite through the crunchy shell to get to the soft squishy inside, nommy.