Saturday, May 03, 2008

Unlimited Power

Here we see the Great Nostromo, a MAN WITH UNCANNY NOSTRIL POWERS, using his particular talents for evil. HAIRY MCTAVISH, THE SCOTTISH DANCING WOMBAT, has been caught unawares and, jig disrupted, is about to meet a very sticky end. Along with some detatched assmonkey TOES and autonomous PURPLE COFFEE.

This is all taking place inside the WORLD'S BIGGEST CHIKO ROLL.


  1. I don't think anything will ever live up to yesterday's picture, THANK THE NINE RINGS OF HELL FOR THAT.


  2. Anonymous4/5/08 01:36

    Oh noes!! Hairy McTavish is teh doomed!

    (I'm glad I'd finished my cup of tea before I saw this, else I'd have sprayed it over my monitor in a fit of laughter.)

  3. Anonymous4/5/08 03:08

    I think the purple coffee is perfect and should appear in all future pictures. Also, the inside of the chicko roll is good - I've never actually known what they look like inside until now. You have changed my life.

  4. Monkey magic being serenaded by/fighting a mexican ninja Mariachi band.