Friday, May 23, 2008

submarineasaurus are go

Some more stuff happened, on top of all the other stuff, and I have crossed my threshold of what is acceptable behaviour when interacting with the world at large, lost my judgement and stepped on lots of toes, and so I’m pulling my submarine trick. We batten the hatches, dive deep and run silent until…until we don’t need to any more.

I think I caught myself out when I said I try to keep my angst to myself. It’s true, but for anyone who reads this, it’s very not true. That’s why this blog exists. I don’t have anywhere else to put any of this, and I need to put it somewhere. Sometimes I forget that.

I’ve caused unnecessary worry, and I’m sorry, especially to J, M and M.


  1. Anonymous23/5/08 07:19

    Glad to see you're still with us, Sir Tessa.

    Run silent, run deep, surface when you need to. Us crazy penguins will be happy to see you again. We may even frolic.

  2. Anonymous23/5/08 17:39

    Say hello to the cephalopods, sea snakes and saltwater snails!
    We await your return at the surface.

  3. If you should meet a small sea dragon down there, sitting on a pile of soggy blackened paper, that's me. You're welcome to drop by for tea and 100-year-old ship's biscuits.

  4. Hey - even the best of us manage to tread on a few bunions here and dere. I dive deep so often that I have a permanent case of barnacle toes. Just don't forget to come up for air now and again.

  5. Anonymous26/5/08 00:21

    find deep time, street fish...

  6. Anonymous26/5/08 20:30

    I'm no good at diving. I float, instead. But I get the need to do it.

    Find some treasure down there, yes? Also, I love you.

  7. Anonymous3/6/08 20:40

    don't be too hard on yourself!
    you can't possibly be that bad!when are you coming back?

  8. Anonymous5/6/08 11:19

    This is not an attempt to make you unswim or unsubmarine. I just wanted to wish you a fine birthday and to let you know you will be much welcomed when you're ready to re-emerge.

  9. Anonymous5/6/08 21:03

    *sends hugs from Easter Island, alongside promises to hunt you down a particularly pointy (and waterproof) mountain to keep you company in the submarine*