Wednesday, May 07, 2008



(Except for that bit in the middle where I dreamt of, I shit you not, the zombie apocalypse. At the time, I was back in high school, and on a school camp. We were doing school camp type things, which largely involved swimming around some underwater palace (which was more than my actual school camps involved), and the teachers hearding us into a dinky little cottage country cafe, all the while this incredible sense of impending doom was growing, and for no very good reason that I could see. The teachers began pushing and whispering to get us back to camp, NOW, except there were no buses or cars. There were, however, helpful people with horses. Yeah. Who put us in groups of three to a horse (THREE TO A GODDAMN HORSE!?!? WTF!?!?!). Try organising a whole year level of high school kids into groups of threes when a whole heap of them have never ridden before, and none of us know what is going on other than something BAD was happening. This didn't last long, as other people turned up - what helpful people country folk are! - with more horses. I sat on a hoary old nag which would not stop walking, no matter how tight I pulled the reigns in. Teachers and horsey people had us lined up around a paddock, and were running around getting everyone saddled and seated, ready to trot off back to camp, and on this pain in the arse horse I walked around, and around, and around this loop of all my school mates, catching snippets of conversation that involved zombies, and further snippets that indicated exactly how freaked out everyone actually was, and this horse WOULDN'T STOP WALKING. I had an EPIPHANY; the zombie plague did not originate in Gippsland, it had finally reached Gippsland, but did not originate there. The suburbs of Melbourne were already over run, and in fact so was all Australia. There was no where for us to go, no safe places left in the world, but still, we must go. That's what teachers do, guide their students away from danger. But my god, it takes a long time to get hundreds of kids on horses. And then, just when finally, everyone was ready, there was one shrill scream, and I looked over my shoulder, past everyone else, and saw ONE ZOMBIE. SHAMBLING. VERY SLOWLY. And that was all it took to start an insane panic, a stampede into a highway full of cars, with half of us unhorsed and trampled, and the rest of us with no safe place to go to.)

(When I woke up, I was in my old room, which achieves pure darkness, in my old home, which achieves pure silence, and you're damn right I freaked the fuck out.)


  1. I had a Zombie Apocalypse dream too only a couple of days ago...

    I hope our subconsciouses don't know something we don't, 'cause I don't have a shotgun.

  2. I don't have a shotgun either. I do, however, have a zombie plan! It involves climbing out the window and living on the ledge below. With the pigeons.

    Although I need to get a ladder so I can get back in afterwards. I don't actually want to stay with the pigeons.

  3. hmmm, I don't have a ledge.

    But then again, I don't have pigeons either. I'm not sure that helps though....

  4. I freaked out in a hotel in LA last year, when I dreamt that there was a serial killer turning my friends and family inside-out, and I was the only person who knew who it was. EXCEPT I COULDN'T REMEMBER! He was getting closer and closer to me...

    I woke up in a Solaris-esque hotel room and proceed to hold up my big giant "WTF" sign.

  5. Eeee, Chris, that's not cool. I think it's one of the biggest drawbacks of vivid dreams that they can leave you messed up for the rest of the day before you've even woken up.