Thursday, May 01, 2008

After The War

What we see here is the aftermath of that most EPIC BATTLE between Cthulhu and ASSMONKEYS, which saw the assmonkeys most victorious. As they prepared themselves for DINNER TIME and armed themselves with SILVERWARE to feast upon his testicles, Cthulhu had the last laugh as his GONADS flew away.


  1. Anonymous1/5/08 21:38

    ...those are some srsly epicly hairy nads!

  2. They're GOGOGOGOnads.

    I didn't seem right for Cthulhu's gonads not to have tentacles.

    And to everyone passing through from Jeff LEAVE SUGGESTIONS/REQUESTS/CHALLENGES. KTHXBAI.

  3. I suggest William Shatner's toupee versus Lou Diamond Phillips. That or George W. Bush versus an actual chimp.

  4. Anonymous2/5/08 00:00

    I need a picture with ice and snow and boots and toes frozen off so that people can see what Canberra is really like after dark after April. Mind you, I also want a picture with purple coffee. If I don't get one then my next visitor will get a cup of abnormal beverage. Can I blame the cold on what's happening to my brain?

  5. Anonymous2/5/08 02:48

    At last, a picture that combines the three great truths that the visual arts have so sadly neglected over the millenia; Cthulhu, his bollocks and ass-monkeys. Art has now said all it can; the rest is silence.

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  7. He's a war-weary coffee-fuelled inventor looking for a cure to the poison coursing through his veins. She's a transdimensional gypsy cab driver from beyond the grave They fight crime!

    (Stolen from
    They Fight Crime)

  8. Anonymous2/5/08 07:55

    A rematch...

    cthulu's testicles after licking their wounds, hook up with their homie Yog-Sothoth, and make sweet squishy love. hatching an army of tansdimensional tentacled gonads, with which wreak sour revenge on their sworn foes the assmonkeys.

    However the most secret society of squirrles, ever watchful having recorded this chilling event, and posted it on redtube. inform their bretheren the assmonkeys who hire...
    BOOMzilla and the CCTV allstars a merenary posse of galactic accordian players, who furiously deal out sonic death metal, to any who oppose them.

    meanwhile on a neaby hillside, a lone figure astride a triceritops, watches as the forces mass against each other.

  9. that is probably the most wrong thing I have seen all year.

    And last year too.

  10. Anonymous9/5/08 17:58

    Oh dear.