Friday, May 16, 2008

prettier than thou

It was posted on boingboing so you've already all seen this absolutely stunning collection of sea slug glamour photos up on the NG site. They're most <3 worthy.

To be honest, they made my self-esteem wilt a little. I mean, yes, we've done quite a bit of the evolution thang, and we have brains, big brains, bigger than a whole sea slug, brains that render us capable of picking the fluff from our belly button and wondering whether milk two days past the use by is still okay at the same time, and I'm not even all that ugly even by human standards, but we are-

-never going to be all that.

Have yourself a gander, make yourself feel ugly and cumbersome. I swear the second last slug is the inspiration for Pikachu.

Even more damaging, I noticed the "buy print" button on the bottom left. And I clicked it. And found the whoooole NG print store. May Inari take my soul and keep it in a sardine tin. I want all those sea slugs on my walls. Alas, or perhaps fortunately, it's the entirely wrong time of a very small and bill consumed pay. BUT I SHALL REMEMBER.


If you desire you may purchase a print of zombie bear here.


  1. My, those ARE beautiful. But at the risk of sounding ever so typically old-fashioned male, you ain't got anything to worry about on that front.

    Hmmm rereading that last sentence back, it looks terribly cheesy. But can't think of any better way of saying it (he says whilst adjusting his peaked cap as he contentedly puffs his pipe).

  2. Anonymous16/5/08 14:08

    Damn you for introducing me to the NG print store!!!!

    PS:my Word Verification phrase on this post was "mypigs."


  3. I...I'm actually drooling looking at those. I was going to do some work this morning, but no, I think I'll worship sea slugs instead.

  4. Why are my own word verifications boring? I want mypigs!

    Now if they'd release prints of all the gorgeous photos in The Deep, then I would do myself and my bank account some serious damage...