Sunday, May 04, 2008


In this piece we see a confrontation between MONKEY, Great Sage, Equal of Heaven, and a MEXICAN NINJA MARIACHI BAND. The NINJAS are attempting to distract Monkey with sweet music, but he thinks their music sucks, and is giving them the finger. The middle ninja has noticed that they are standing in PURPLE COFFEE, and the right-most ninja does not like the way the purple coffee is soaking his feet. Maraccas ninja is doing a stunning surprise attack, and Monkey is totally going to whup his ass. This event takes place outside the window of an actual ass, who is calling the cops on these damn low-life punks.


  1. I made a placemat in early primary school, with Monkey on his pink cloud, and that Monkey was a damn sight better drawn than this one. Nightshift, it messes even with MS Paint mojo.


  2. Pavarotti's corpse, the Pope as a superhero, a bald man whose scalp glistens, and Terry Goodkind's ponytail/beard (or Yeard). Oh, and Gilbert Gottfried on commentary. Dare you draw that?

    Oh, and the Mexican Ninja Mariachi Band bit cracked me up.

  3. Anonymous5/5/08 02:22

    If you keep drawing purple coffee then I shall drink some and toast your artistic skills.

    Can we all get a print version of this for our next birthdays? I suddenly crave it as a picture book. In hardcover.

  4. The phoenix can fly only when its feathers are grown.

  5. I think I should have reserved judgment on the level of wrongness until the end of the week,