Thursday, February 21, 2008

I just want you to know that I didn't get to sleep till after 6 o'fucking-clock this morning, and the world does not amuse me.


  1. Anonymous21/2/08 12:22

    I take it that you're not on night shift, then. In which case, that's some serious insomnia. Commiserations.

    I've been a bit-sleep deprived lately, but it's mostly self-inflicted. Been playing Battlefield 2142 online until 2 am some nights this week, then needing another hour to wind down before sleep. I should know better at my age, but online games are addictive as crack.

  2. Anonymous21/2/08 20:58

    My suggestion is start roaming the streets while you can't sleep.

    just pick a direction from your front door and walk that way as far as the road goes the turn around and go back home.

    It might not help you sleep but at least you did something with the time

  3. Heh, I used to have the same problems, Chris, with gaming. Never play FPS before bedtime.

    Colin, I'm tempted.

  4. Anonymous22/2/08 03:32

    I have done it a few times.

    Thnak God for 24 hour supermakets and $20 in your wallet at all times.

    The $20 is for bread, milk and eggs because by the time you get home it should be time for breakfast.