Thursday, February 21, 2008

Everyone's a Critic

(the union lane street art project has been proudly sponsored by the city of melbourne)

(FYI; Union Lane runs between Little Collins Street and Bourke Street. It's covered in paint from end to end, including a giant rooster.)

(not 'fine' enough for 'art' not illegal enough 4 graffitti)

(Tangent: that tag beneath the scorn, 'toy', is everywhere. All over the city, and right up the length of the Hurstbridge line. Wouldn't be surprised if other train lines have been similarly pissed on. Toy does not do art. Toy merely tags, and tags over the top of every piece of actual street art they can find. Toy has pissed off many street artists, and it isn't uncommon to see retaliatory tags and remarks, threatening this character and expressing their animosity, usually in much better handwriting. I can't say I side with Toy. They've pissed on some brilliant art. But that, I suppose, is the nature of graffitti. Easy come, easy go.)


  1. Anonymous21/2/08 06:44

    Isn't "toy" the hip-hop culture's term for a talentless idiot? Sounds like even the name was adopted to piss people off. An urban guerilla stalking the urban guerillas.

  2. Possibly. It's the same handwriting, and all the 'fuck off' messages left indicate that it's a single person. Interesting.