Sunday, February 24, 2008

By the way

I <3 my camera.

Yeah, I read the manual, no, I haven't tamed the aperture setting. It isn't me. I just point it at things, and it does all the work.

(taken at the melbourne zoo, rockin' out on my fuji finepix s9500)


  1. They're beautiful. The second looks like you have been playing aperture-tickler! Must have been ok.

    Have fun. Photos are great.

  2. Anonymous25/2/08 06:53

    I borrowed a camera to take to the Show and got you some penguin piccies. When I can get to my friends' place and download them, they're all yours. I hope my camera behaves as beautifully as yours, but I doubt it. Did you commission people to make penguins for the Show this year?

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  4. Awesome stuff!

    They are great cameras. I have got his little brother, the s8000sd.

    And now there is a photography thread in the Neighbourhood *winkwinknudgenudge*



    /spam :P


  5. Chris, those were taken on macro, which I rather adore. Can't get that narrow depth of field out any further though, which is bugging me.

    Gill, no comment. :p

    Genesis, heading over to look now.