Saturday, October 27, 2007

I love the ninja turtles. I buy every issue, and then I go buy the collected books of all the issues I've already bought. I eyeball the toys, and sometimes end up with them too. I eat the DVDs (the current cartoon series is surprisingly good). It's that childhood love that won't die a dignified death.

That said, I think I've discovered my limit.

Lifted from the official site:

Edible Arrangements just signed a deal to produce TMNT-themed fresh fruit bouquets! The next time you want to express your love to someone, send 'em a kick-butt (and highly nutritious) Ninja Turtles fruit basket - and everyone wins!

...I don't think they're taking the whole walking, talking, butt-kicking neenja reptiles thing seriously.


  1. I loved the original black and white comics.

    On that note, I think I've haunted your blog enough recently . . . I leave you in peace. :)

    PS: I'm stealing this for my desktop at work on my way out.

  2. My four year old loves his "injure turtles" :)
    I love 'em too.