Thursday, October 04, 2007


Currently in Mutsu, which is a hole, but the best base from which to explore Shimokita-Hanto. Instant noodles for dinner. Couldn't get the kettle to work, so they were lukewarm from tap water. There wasn't anywhere open to eat. When my bus pulled in this afternoon, the whole town was asleep, and still asleep when I hunted for dinner.

New back-dated posts covering Kamakura and the Tsurugoakuhachimangu Matsuri here and here. The first link is picture heavy, the second contains fainting.

I'm hiring a car tomorrow. The highest speed limit I saw today was 40 km p/h. Uh huh.

In the mean time, I would like to share with you possibly the best photo I have ever taken, and will ever take. I snapped it at Kyoto, at the Kitano-Tenmangu market.

One of you, not naming any names here, but one of you owes me Big Time.

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  1. Anonymous2/12/07 13:48

    Have stolen this for my wallpaper. Just thought you should know. *g*