Monday, October 08, 2007

Random Amusing Discovery of the Day

None of the shops I passed on the way to the trailhead sold onegiri, which is hard to believe. If I couldn't have sensible healthy food, I'd have to settle for unhealthy energy food. So I bought a box of chocolate biscuits.

Or did I? Look closer.

THEY'RE BLOODY MOON PIES. JAPAN HAS MOON PIES. The horror, when I bit one. Jaime, Nadine, this is all your fault.


  1. Anonymous8/10/07 12:05

    Hey, I like moon pies!

    Those ones look weird, though.

  2. Anonymous8/10/07 14:19

    I ate so many moon pies when I was a kid that now, in the grocery store, I avert my eyes if I happen to pass them.

  3. MUN PAIS!

    Shut yo pai hole? XD HI SHADS, OMGURINJAPANZ!

    (Also, the verify-key to comment right now is 'pksuck' which makes me giggle).

  4. HI MANUMANU! Know that I don't hold you responsible for the moon pie. Yes.

    Deborah, you are a strange person. Possibly you have discovered a secret brand that isn't made of horrible yuck.

    Ennis, I haven't really encountered them here in Australia, thank goodness. One from a petrol station in Alabama was enough.

  5. Anonymous8/10/07 21:22

    wots moon pies precious?

  6. Did you have some RC Cola to go with them?

  7. Jeri, youse is in Murka, right? How can you have avoided moon pies your whole life? You are blessed, little bunneh!

    They're two sort of stale pancakes, with horrible bad marshmellow between them, then coated in bad chocolate.

    At least, the one I experienced was.

    Jaime, I didn't buy them on purpose. :P I can still say "co-cola" as I was taught to. Proper, like.