Thursday, January 29, 2009

radio silence

The current communications blackout is due to the 100 year heatwave currently kicking Australia's posterior. Computers are a source of heat in this unairconditioned, wooden, tin-roofed and poorly insulated house, and therefore not to be toyed with. I'm also refraining from turning Eddie on due to the not unfounded fear of giving him heat damage.

It is 4:51am, and the BOM site indicates a current temperature of 24 degrees, which is a LOT cooler than expected, and if tomorrow ONLY reaches 38 we shall be well pleased.

Until the heat buggers off or I return to work, silence shall continue.

ETA: Wait, I read the wrong district for the BOM. Forecast maximum temperature for tomorrow is 43.

Peas and rice just shoot me now. I'm not cut out for a hot desert Mad Max post-apocalypse.


  1. It's going to be almost 110 fucking degrees Fahrenheit and YOU DON'T HAVE AC?!?1! Jesus Christ On A Goddamned Popsicle Stick, I'd be living in the bathtub. Even the summer I tried to go without AC (using two big box fans) I still gave up and turned it on once it hit 95f/35c. That's kill-people-dead hot, I hope you have somewhere safe to go and cool off.

  2. I don't envy you Melbournians (and Adelaidians) your current heatwave, no sir, not a bit. 30ish degrees here in Sydney and that's quite enough, though apparently it'll be hotter tomorrow.

    Even pantlessness isn't enough to combat this sort of heat.

  3. It's not me I'm worried about, so much as the dogs. They're a bit hairy, and are suffering immensely in the heat. : / We've shot all attempts at water conservation to hell and given them a couple of cold water baths a day, just saturating them and keeping them in the water till they cool off.

    Then because they hate baths, they get out and go mad dog and run around like lunatics. Bloody dogs.

    Chris, the "cool" change has arrived here, with temperatures of 38. I feel like a tool calling that a cool change, but by Toutatis, it's awesome.

  4. No 40s in Canberra, but high 30s all week - our cool change comes on Sunday when we get 34 before going back to 37s and 38s....
    Melbourne's weather always rather disturbs me. It never seems possible it can hit 40 quite as often as it does, the only thing between it and Antartica is Tasmania!

    Jaime - aircon is actually rather rare in Australian homes, at least in anything other than fairly new ones.

    Even ceiling fans are almost unseen until you get to Queensland...

  5. It has recently been "winter" here, with daytime temperatures falling to an icy 25 degrees Celsius. In this season, Bangkok dog owners carefully wrap their pooches in coats to prevent them catching their death of cold...

  6. Anonymous4/2/09 20:55

    While you're sitting out the heat wave, I'm wondering if you've heard the shocking tale of the undeclared aubergine, yet? Totally made my day!

  7. Anonymous4/2/09 22:38

    I couldn't help it. I loved the aubergine to such a degree that I _had_ to do this.


  8. Heh. You must have seen Border Security, or at least seen the ads on TV once while you were here. IT IS TRUE. AUBERGINES COULD DESTROY THE NATION. DOOM.