Sunday, January 04, 2009

New Job; The Prelude

Ah! Mon dieu! What is this?

This is two hours sleep.

Why is there no pants? This is not proper!

This is two hours sleep.

Pants! The sun is risen, it is pants time!

Yeah. Today is gonna rock the kazbar.


  1. Anonymous4/1/09 23:24

    I would say something insightful. Or even helpful. Or at least something better than "good luck".

    But my brain has left the building, and my body wishes it could go and find it and make out.

    But hey, still, good luck with the new working arrangements. : ) Hope your first week of nine to five goes well!

  2. Anonymous4/1/09 23:55


    Hang in there.

  3. Anonymous5/1/09 00:44

    Le Suck.

    But also, Le Red Fin needs to be told that pants are overrated. Especially when you live alone.

    Plus that's somewhat of the pot calling the kettle black, is it not? I see no fishy pants present no matter what the hour. Tsk.

  4. XD

    Le Red Fin has been informed, Selena. This is a pants free zone.