Saturday, January 17, 2009

insert immature giggling here

This is why I try to keep my surname off this blog;

If, poor googler, you meant to spell that with a 'c', then the answer is: put the sheets in the wash. If immediate washing is not possible, then wipe it off with, I dunno, tissues or dirty socks or whatever is lying around. It'll dry out. And go crusty. You can sort of scrub it off then. Or pick off flakes. Whichever you prefer. Probably not a good idea to use dark sheets if this is a common occurrence. Sloppy or dried, there is no state in which spooge is anything other than kinda sorta gross. And funny. Heh. Heheheh. Heh.

If, poor googler, you spelt that correctly, then apply lemon, lime & bitters, pizza, and episodes of Spaced at once.

That is not funny, mon cherie. You are being very childish. Remove me from your finger at once.


  1. *opens comments page*

    *is lost for words*

    *backs quietly away*

  2. I am sorry for increasing the puerile and low-brow content of your f-list, and indeed, your whole day.

    Tee hee hee!

  3. Chortle! I hope that visitor comes back and follows your cleaning advice. The resulting chaos will be very hard for the poor boy (for such it is, I'm sure) to explain to his mum.

  4. "All over." My goodness.

  5. Anonymous20/1/09 03:14


    That is awesomesauce!