Thursday, January 22, 2009

"You can swallow a pint of blood before you get sick."


That was a total non-event.

Where's the pain and grogginess and pain and disorientation and pain and distress and pain and pain? I feel fine! I was apprehensive about waking up all druggy in a strange place, but to be honest, it wasn't any different to any other time I wake up. I really am just that bad in the mornings. I'm shocking, I'm dumb, dopey, off-balance, incoherent and pretty much a primordial mass, and as unattractive as that is, it's great practice for waking up after surgery. The guy beside me wasn't nearly as calm. Apparently waking up freaked him out.

Am not in pain. Some bits of the jaw are bruised and sore, and only when I poke them. So I'm not poking them. Easy. Have a totally square head from the swelling, which is hilarious.

Unfortunately, I missed out on a great photo. I had a nap in the afternoon, and the gauze in my mouth soaked through with blood. When I got up, I had blood all over my tongue, through my gums, in my teeth, clots in the gauze and had dribbled blood out the side of my numb mouth. The just-woken up dumbs meant I cleaned up before thinking of my camera. Dammit! Such a wasted opportunity!

I also forgot to ask if I could keep my teeth. Bugger.

There's no grogginess going on. The pain-killers are non-drowsy, and what with the nap, that means I'll probably have a right shit time getting to sleep tonight. Part of my lower lip is still numb, but everything else is awake. Something in the meds is messing with my joints though. Weirdly enough, my wrists are tingling. Full on and hard out, like they're pumping lemonade. My knees started too. Nothing else is doing so.

No nausea or delicate stomach either. Dad made up some congee yesterday, and I ran it through the blender to make it smooth. Tasty stuff. Ice cream didn't trip anything either. Clearly, I have guts of steeeeel. The bleeding has stopped too.

My secret identity is Wolverine. I have mad regenerative skills.

But I must still make the most of this, and pretend I'm much worse off than I am, and vege in front of the TV. STAR WARS MARATHON GOGOGO.


  1. Good to know there's no nausea! I didn't wake up too badly, but I was sobbing while I was in the wheelchair, which is apparently an occasional side effect of the anesthesia. About the only time it actually HURT was opening my jaw too far, like if I had to yawn or something. And blowing my nose.

    Did they give you the squirty thing for hosing out the holes yet?

  2. Anonymous22/1/09 15:08

    +++I was apprehensive about waking up all druggy in a strange place, but to be honest, it wasn't any different to any other time I wake up.+++

    Ur secret life, you show us it :)

    Good to have you back, and that it went well.

  3. I don't have any holes to squirt out, they're all stitched up. I had to shine a torch in my mouth just to confirm that there were wounds there, the stitches are so small. Have to rinse with salt water though. Yikes.

  4. Yay for the regenerative powers! I had a similar non-event reaction when I had wisdom teeth removed - a bit achy and whatnot, but no big deal. Was impressed by the cracking noises as the teeth came out, though (I was under local rather than general anaesthetic). I remember the salt water gargling too.

    Enjoy your Star Wars marathon. Spoiler - Darth is Luke's dad! No really!

  5. OK, I confess I may've missed a post or two before this one, but ... DEAR GOD WHAT HAPPENED TO YOU?!

    Also, I want you to know my word verification on your comment form consists of the nonsense phrase: gropenno.

    Nonsense .... or so I presume.

  6. I had all four wisdom teeth out, heh. In the run up, everyone told me all their horror stories of tooth extraction, and I was disappointed that I had no such exciting drama to speak of. Meh.

    Gropenno sounds like lecherous pasta.

  7. Four wisdom teeth? Oh yeah, I was a mess when I had that done. Back in my day, of course, everything was far far harder & as a result we all became tough as nails and miserable as hell. That's old people for yer.