Thursday, February 05, 2009

Exit, Stage Right: Le Red Fin

You thought I'd forgotten, hadn't you?

Shark Puppet is a temporary stand in - I'm waiting on Metropolis to get more puppets in. This post is also a temporary stand in - instead of heat keeping me quiet, writing is keeping me quiet. I have to make the most of my ability to turn a computer on before the next heat wave strikes. Between teeth and my bone marrow melting, I'm behind on everything.

(Just between you and me, I'm glad Le Red Fin is gone. He was a touch irritating. Not that Shark Puppet makes for good company.)


  1. Anonymous5/2/09 09:03

    Kind of glad he's gone. He was disquieting. I didn't trust him.

    Word verification - "procide" is faintly sinister too.

  2. Anonymous7/2/09 07:12

    But did he have to come to such a sticky end? Poor Le Red Fin :-(

    My word is "tragorst". Troll sausage?