Tuesday, February 10, 2009

I appear to have run out of soy sauce. I'm not sure how that happened.

The flat feels a bit misaligned now.


  1. heh, I had to avert an out-of-soy-sauce emergency just this weekend.

  2. Anonymous11/2/09 00:07

    Use Worcestershire sauce instead.

  3. I don't have Worcestershire sauce. Why on earth would I have Wocestershire sauce in my cupboard when I have soy, soba, and teriyaki?

    Wait, why don't I have oyster sauce?

    Thankfully, crisis is over. Bought a huge bottle. Even more thankfully, did not evaporate due to fire, ran out due to using it. Nom nom nom.

    Verification: sonses.

  4. Anonymous11/2/09 11:29

    Worcestershire has that certain spicy little zing that soy doesn't. Gives pep to a dish without being overly salty or hot.

    Nngh, now you're making me want to nip down to Coles to get some eggs to scramble so I can have Worcestershire sauce on them. Stop it! I have housecleaning to do.

    Verification: scolt.