Friday, February 20, 2009

Should I be wearing this identity? I don't remember constructing her. I don't remember choosing her. I don't remember agreeing to the messes she makes, and the holes she falls in, or the turbulence she causes.

I'll undo this face. I'll take it off, put it down and forget to pick it up again. Eventually, I'll forget I ever had this face, and then this face will have never existed.

I'll dismantle this name. The T and A can go to Antarctica, the two Ss to Consequences, and the E to the End.

I'll take back these encounters. I'll rip all memories of me from history. I'll tear them out of your mind with my bare hands. I'll dig my finger nails in and pull, twist, saw and wrench, until they're free, leaving jagged edges, bleeding familiarity, and leaving you gagging with déjà vu and asking, "Do I know you?"

No, you never did.
You never will.
And I make this so.

Maybe I won't make a new entity.
Maybe I'll stay anonymous, and
incognito, and