Friday, August 17, 2007

red wine with every meal and absinthe after dinner

  • Haha! I'm not hungover!
  • There exists no make-up that will stop an asian-blooded monkey from going red when drinking.
  • When I make an effort, I am hot. Damn hot. So hot, heads turn and people say, "Wow, Tess, you look hot!" and they all sound surprised.
  • This is why I never make an effort. I have to hide my hotness away, or there will conferences and summits about how I contribute to global warming.
  • With my bright red face.
  • But, you know, if ever Rudolf is retrenched, I could totally take his job. Only his nose was red. I'm a fucking lighthouse.
  • Although I don't think I'm all that keen to be harnessed up by a jolly fat man.
  • And I'm not that into manual labour.
  • He can pull his own sleigh. Would help lower his blood pressure.
  • Plus I bet he doesn't pay much for one night of work a year.
  • Nah, fuck it. He can install spotlights like all the other rednecks.

PS: T minus 12 days and counting.


  1. Ah, that explains what that red glow in the south was. I thought it was a bushfire. :)

  2. It isn't my fault! Genetics aren't on my side!

  3. Buaha! Is this why you wouldn't let me buy you a drink at Worldcon?

    (Also: duh, I know you're hot. I love you anyway. *g*)

  4. Maybe. >_> Hard to be ninja when you glow in the dark, yanno? (Waddya mean you love me 'anyway'? :o ANAKIN, YOU'RE BREAKING MY HEART!)