Saturday, August 25, 2007

I feel like a deep-sea glass squid:

I suspect I look like a Snaggletooth:

I would love to be a Dumbo Octopus:

(That isn't a sense of humor, that's a mind cracking up. My anticipation of discovering a new country is far outstripped by my anticipation of finishing nightshift. Dear higher power, let me keep my shit together for three more nights. Wait, scratch that. Let me not lose my shit any further than I already have, for oh my goodness have I lost my shit, it's on the walls, man, the walls, and I think other people have noticed, and this, this is just ugly, there's only so much damage control I can do, so no more spontaneous, provoked or unprovoked nuclear meltdowns, for three more nights.)

(Deep sea beasties, they're the awesome. I should have stuck with my grade 6 urge, and become a marine biologist. My view of the world would be much nicer if I had more anglerfish in my life.)

(Photos from Bounty Fishing Blog: 27 Aquatic Lifeforms You Never Caught While Fishing, snagged from

ETA: Someone, remind me to buy The Deep when I get back.

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