Saturday, August 04, 2007

I zoned out.

When I zoned in, I was singing along to Avril Lavigne, and it was good. The end is nigh. Make soylent green out of me now.


  1. Anonymous4/8/07 10:37

    I have an Avril Lavigne song on my pod. I blame Scrubs, since that is how I acquired it. Doesn't quite explain why I've never deleted it, though.

    I also *glances shiftily around room and drops voice* have a Britney Spears song on my pod. And no less than two covers of BS songs.

    The shame.

  2. Anonymous4/8/07 12:55

    Be not ashamed. I sometimes catch myself humming Tom Jones songs. And one time... Billy Ray Cyrus. *sobs*

  3. Ey, Britney Spears is not to be dissed. She might be pop, but she's GREAT pop. Toxic is nothing if not an awesome song.

    Avril, however, keeps doing the try-hard emo punk skater thing, and it bugs me.

    Chris, I admit to singing to Tom Jones too. Badly.

  4. Anonymous5/8/07 07:40

    oy vey, you just made me realise i have more than one britney song on my pod. i have two. the world is clearly crumbling around us all. i blame owning a copy of toxic on the doctor.

  5. I blame the Doctor too. But not too much. Merely by being present in an episode makes the song awesomer.