Wednesday, August 29, 2007

I don't think you can set out on a venture such as this without harbouring expectations. I try to trade expectations for hope, as hope leads to less disappointment.

I hope I don't lose my passport. I hope the yakuza don't kidnap me. I hope I have a great time.

I hope this takes me so far from everything I know, and everything I think I know, and reboots my head.

I don't believe in finding yourself, sorting yourself out, and all that. But I do believe in reset buttons.

Anyway. Going to Japan. AFK. BBL.


  1. Anonymous29/8/07 02:31

    Bon voyage, godspeed, good hunting and all that. I look forward to your despatches from the front, Sir Tessa!

  2. Take care, lady, have fun, but don't bring any yaoi home...!

  3. Anonymous29/8/07 03:35

    Have fun for those of us who languish in ozland :).