Thursday, February 24, 2011

A Life's Punctuation; the Full Stop.

That is the last cup of tea.

It, more than anything else, signals the End of an Era. That's the last of the milk. Once it's drunk I'm going to turn the fridge off, and that will be it.

I feel I should say something about the importance of true and vigorous independence, what it means to call time and space your own without compromise, and, I don't know, stuff, but I am tired in many different ways. My heart is sore, my mind is confused, and I have nothing in me.

So, I will drink my last cup of tea as I have done on many evenings.

And watch the flying foxes come out at dusk.

One last time.


  1. 118 bats.

    Although I may have counted the same bat several times, there's always one zooming around in front of my window, as though it's lost in the backyards.

    Love you, zoomy lil bat. Miss you.

  2. Anonymous24/2/11 13:20

    Hello Tessa, I (32) am from Tuebingen in Southern Germany, 2 hours from Switzerland. I like your blog very much, I found it via the Weird Tales homepage. You have the unique ability to describe concrete everyday situations and things very precisely and lively.

  3. Thank you, Nico. : )