Friday, February 25, 2011

Mattress on floor,
Me on mattress,
Blinds pulled back,
Bats gone,
And one satellite flares, then dims, and crosses into the shadow of the Earth.

This is the last night in the home I made.


  1. It's hard to leave a home you've made. Leaving behind the haven. But you'll make a new one. It happens.

  2. keauxgeigh1/3/11 17:41

    I hope you don't mind. I'm a stranger and I'm trolling your archives because I like your writing and expression. I know a blog is not a person.

  3. Heh, I think you mean 'trawling', considering I haven't received any offensive or insulting comments of late.

    This is a public blog. I can't really kick up a fuss about what is read and by whom. If I have a problem, I should just take it offline.

    (And I probably should go back and do some pruning, but I'm time poor enough as it is.)

  4. keauxgeigh3/3/11 05:26

    Noooo, just awesomeness of all sorts and shades. A bunch of dead video links, but these people'll deal.

    Heh, troll. I guess I was just describing myself. But yea, trawl, plenty of seafood pictures for that. I mean sea life.