Friday, February 18, 2011

The Offerings the Saint Returned

It is inevitable that when moving house and delving into boxes and drawers that haven't been disturbed for years you will discover (or, more accurately, rediscover) items that you weren't exactly expecting.

See Exhibit A:

These teeth belong to me.

About whether they came from my mouth, however, I shall offer no comment.


  1. The Tooth fairy was busy.


  2. Yeah, busy being fed peeled grapes by a cabana boy. She outsourced her operations years ago.

  3. Is it just me or is that proof you were once a shark, back when time didn't matter?

  4. Oshi- they're onto me.
    Now I must kill you and hide your body.

    (Which really means just eating you and suffering indigestion.)

  5. Oh goodness no. If they came from there they'd most certainly be shark teeth.

  6. ArthurMiller@OUSalesperson19/2/11 11:30

    I can't imagine the tooth fairy making enough of a profit to be eating peeled grapes no matter how exploitative her contractors are.

    She's probably busy fighting her creditors - I could have told her that buying up such a low-demand good was a pretty crappy business model.

  7. keauxgeigh19/2/11 17:21

    not much for war trophies. unless you were the army dentist.

  8. Oh Arthur, it's the Amway model, don't you know?

    Keauxgeigh, it's not the size that matters, but the story behind it.