Sunday, June 13, 2010

The Universe Made Me Do It

Immediately on returning from travels and before making plans for the next trip (thus locking myself into a saving budget in which there is no room to move) is the only time I can bring myself to throw large lumps of money at things that do not involve me getting on a plane.

I want it noted that I tried to be a responsible, sensible, forward-planning adult and purchase a necessary item of household white goods, and I want it noted that I have been thwarted from doing this by three centimetres.


Guess I'll just have to use that money on a ticket to Europe, right?

Well. Shucks. Damn. And poot.

In light of this failure, I have no alternative but to drink this pear cider and start making vegetable soup under the influence.


  1. "Noooooooo!" on coming to Europe. That is so totally not allowed! *sobs* I'm all busy with making plans to be in Canada all next year, and then here you go and _finally_ decide to come to Europe?
    Boo! Hiss! Infamy!
    (*brightens up* But of course the euro has been falling hard lately, so you could totally save up enough money for a trip here before the end of the year, right?!)

    *grins* Oh hey, hi again. I finally figured out which permissions I'd blocked in your absence that prevented me from seeing the captcha and so made it impossible for me to comment here anymore. (Totally bizarre: sessions cookies are necessary for the captcha to function.) So a belated welcome back! And thank you for your postcard!

  2. If you hold on long enough for me to get my own pennies together, I'll meet you there! Unfortunately, long enough means not til next spring, because Six Months Of Crazy hits in six weeks and I can't take more than a few days off at a stretch until after Christmas, pretty much.

    (erm. what are "household white goods"?)


  3. I've always thought Canada was an underapreciated travel destination... ;)

    And ditto on Jaime's question about "household white goods."

  4. Wait, nevermind. Google and wikipedia have once again come to the rescue, and have told me that large appliances are often refered to as white goods in places where British english is spoken.

    Wikipedia was also nice enough to mention that in the US (and Canada too, thanks for mentioning us as usual) white goods sometimes refers to linens. Which I had guessed at first but then decided against after the mention of 3 inches preventing your purchase.

  5. Aaaaanimal! This does not mesh with the concept of free accommodation in the Netherlands! Boo! Hiss! Infamy! And you're welcome!

    I burnt through my annual leave on the last couple of trips, heh, so no more traveling this year, I'm afraid.

    Northern hemisphere spring is probably pushing it too, Jaime. What with my hands giving me a bit of a pay cut and my rent going up, I'm not going to be able to save as fast as usual. : /

    (Of course, I'm liable to change my mind entirely. Been staring at the Middle East in a rather longing fashion as well.)

    I love regional dialects, hee!

    Boring details - washing machine is on the way out, and I really need a dryer as in winter it takes my washing over a week to dry. 'cause my flat is shyte, I have only have a little nook in the bathroom to fit such a beast, and all the washer/dryer combo machines are exactly 3 cm too fat to fit.

    Still should buy a new washing machine, but they cost about a grand less than the combos, so...

    (...I do need new linen too. But, eh.)

  6. Eh, free accommodation is still yours. I'll just have to also give you directions to my parents so you can pick up the house key. :)
    (But it still sucks that I wouldn't be able to play tourguide. *mutters*)