Saturday, June 19, 2010

Red Hot Elephant Socks

An unexpected parcel was waiting for me when I visited my parents. Unexpected parcels are always mildly alarming, as some part of me instantly assumes I'm going to be asked to pay for something I didn't order. Given this has never happened to me, this fear is entirely irrational.

It still hasn't happened to me. Instead, THERE WERE SOCKS. AND ARMWARMERS. Damn HAWT ones if I do say so myself, cue gratuitous camwhore shot;

I burst out laughing when I saw the socks, in lieu of who they're from. I had the exact same pair given to me seven years ago in New Orleans, on my first solo jaunt overseas which wasn't really solo at all given the purpose of trip was to meet some people who were and still are magnificent co-conspirators.

Thank ye, Jaimesis. <3

The armwarmers are especially appreciated. Hands are aching with the return to computers, and the cold isn't helping. The line "write every day" has been sitting at the front of my thoughts, and is almost instantly followed by "except when you're hurting", which has also been every day. As such I've been looking for some gloves that wouldn't interfere with typing too much, and these are perfect. Double mwah-mwah.

Because he matched the presents so well it had to be fate, that photo is also the introduction of a finger puppet I bought in Kathmandu. Readers, I would like you to meet Ganesh, short for Angry-Ganesh-Doesn't-Like-The-Spicy-Bone-Filled-Curry-Stomp-Crash-Raaar.

He wasn't named after a personal experience. No. Not at all. Ever.


  1. Damn. [— he said, fanning himself]

  2. Lookit those stripey gams! Clearly I have good taste - as does whoever gave you the first pair!

    (and wow, they got there fast - I didn't think you'd get them til next week!)

  3. Smokin' photo dude.

    The top one's okay too...

  4. Yah, the person who gave me the first pair has great taste - I'm pretty sure it was you, Jaime. :p

    I'm quite proud of the bottom photo. Don't think I've ever channeled my inner angry elephant so successfully.

  5. I have no memory of giving them to you, esp since the first time I ever ordered from Sock Dreams was about a year, maybe two years ago!

    ...doesn't mean it didn't happen, though. That week was something of a blur.