Monday, June 14, 2010

The Dream Woken In, And Left Behind

"Enough of washing machines! Of your domestic issues we care not! What of Tibet?"

Very well.

I could tell you that the trip I went on was Tibet Encompassed, and that the following photo was taken on the Qinghai-Tibet Train: I fell asleep surrounded by washed out hills subdued by generations of farming and sky lost in haze, I woke up to find the land rippled with unblemished snow, and watched the sun rise in clean heavens over this so long distant and magical land.

Or, I could tell you that the trip I went on was Blue Harvest, and that the following photo was taken at moisture farming station on Tatooine, shortly before we were attacked by Tusken Raiders and nearly trampled by banthas.

A friend pointed out quite rightly that I am selfish with my photos. Perhaps because I do not go on holiday. When I travel rest and relaxation are not the point. I go out into the world to be confronted and challenged, to learn and be surprised and learn again, to wash out the clutter in my head and heart, and I come back exhausted, wrung out, and bewildered.

It isn't a holiday. It's personal. I'm selfish because what I went through is mine; my life, my mind.


  1. You might be selfish with photos, but you're generous with the magical descriptions. And I'd rather have the latter, 'cause they're uniquely yours, whereas places are themselves no matter who takes the photo.