Sunday, November 09, 2008

I thought that one might make it to the window frame, but the sky twisted and wrenched and tore it and breathed it in. Are you seeing the violence in this sunny day? This last big one isn't going to make it either. The sky is ravenous.

I'm going outside.


  1. Anonymous9/11/08 04:24

    Don't do it!

    What?! I can't drop by for the every-couple-of-months post?

    (Srsly, Tessa. Don't do it.)

    -- Ennis Drake

  2. You're always welcome to DBP, Ennis. : ) (The sky didn't eat me.)

  3. Anonymous9/11/08 23:37

    (Thank goodness; I was concerned you'd fall prey to it. The sky, she is tricksy. And with lightning teeth, no less.)

    ; )

    -- Ennis Drake