Monday, June 05, 2006

Tessa New Year

And lo! It was the Fifth Day of the Sixth month of the Twenty-Fifth Year Of Tessa. Twenty-five years of Tessa On Earth. What a waste of air. Every birthday I reach, I'm suprised I'm still here, moving around, making strange noises. It feels like a triumph, but over who or what, I don't know.

Still, quarter century. Go me.

I spent some time pondering on how to mark this occasion. Chinese New Year involves lion dances (which would be cool, but I have no lions), fireworks (I have no fireworks), red pockets (I have no red pockets), food (hell yes!) and a lot of noise.

Australian New Year seems to involve fireworks (I have no fireworks), barbeques (IT IS SERIOUSLY FUCKING COLD RIGHT NOW), getting utterly smashed and throwing up in the street (I do have some dignity), and lots of noise.

But hey, I like doing things my way, and so to sing in the new year, I indulged in a fair amount of self-mutilation;

I, uh, cut my hair.

Happy New Year.

(I may not have red pockets, but I can give you all this: Drop - by Cornelius. It makes me happy in a playing in the bath sort of way. If you like, JB hi fi are selling the album for $14.)


  1. Anonymous5/6/06 04:02

    Happy Birthday!

    Jewish NY has lots of food and you eat something for the first time in a season or buy new clothes or something. So reckon if you overeat and celebrate the cut hair you are fine. Except that your brain or stregnth or spirit leaked out with your hair ...

  2. Anonymous5/6/06 10:30


    Well that's certainly a way to mark a milestone. Didja donate it? I demand peekshurs!


  3. Happy Birthday, not-as-hairy Tess!

  4. Anonymous5/6/06 12:12

    hmmm...cut hair. now the brain has more prepared for einstein moments

  5. Happy Birthday, writer of things. You should destroy a world in honor of your birthday.

  6. Anonymous5/6/06 13:48

    Good ye cut yet hair, plank-walker. Ye'll need it to fend off Demon Jack in Davy Jones' locker.

    Hope you had a good birfday.


  7. Anonymous5/6/06 14:02

    Happy Birthday!

    And that's a big change!

    And I agree with Jaime about the need for pictures... :)

  8. Okay, that song is really nice, although I really have to go the bathroom after listening to it :[

  9. Anonymous5/6/06 21:28

    Haaaaaaaaaappy birthday! ~smooch~ You'll have to wait for your present, I'm afraid, but August will be here soon.

    Also, I want peekachures too! :D

  10. Oh my. I haven't cut that much hair off in one go since I was 14. I remember my head felt very, very light/weightless afterwards. But then, I had very, very thick hair back then. And I didn't end up with a lovely swishy Lady Diana style cut as my mother so desperately wanted me to have, because it went FRIZZ and puffed out in all directions.

    But that was okay, 'cause it was the 80s and Big Hair was in.

    Happy birthday Tessa! May you received lots of yummy presents.

  11. Thanks guys! It's certainly a lot colder around here. (Sorry Grim, but I had to laugh at that comment.) Pictures coming.

  12. h-h-h-appy day of birth, Anime princess...! :P


    That came far too naturally.