Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Hair, or Hair Not

I was going to hold of with the pikchurs, as I've already run down the batteries on my camera, and it's too cold for me to seriously consider walking outside to buy some more. You'll have to be content with shonky webcam pikchurs instead.


I didn't realise my hair was that long till I saw this photo. I mean, wow. That's a lot of hair. What are you supposed to do with a mop like that? Do monster impressions on request -

- or strangle myself -

- the possibilities aren't endless.


I have emo hair! Or anime hair. And every now and then, I look like a boy (if you ignore those things on my chest).

Things I've learned:

:: I have a back of the neck? I do? I do!

:: Damn it's cold in here. That's what having a back of the neck and not having your own personal hanging blanket does.

:: You can't towel dry your hair, that's just dum- OMG I CAN TOWEL DRY MY HAIR.

:: I turn my head, and I can't feel it in my scalp. My hair isn't moving.

:: 25 years my hair has dictated my movements. The way I put clothes on, the way I sit down, lie, roll over - all these things I do in a certain way to work around my hair. Now I don't have to. Which doesn't stop me reaching around to pull half a metre of hair out of my jumper when I first put it on.

:: Short hair won't stay tucked behind your ears. Dammit.

:: I have too much brush now.

:: Hairdressing salons are strange places. An entire world I've never walked in. I felt like an alien, and sitting in the waiting room weireded me out more than the snip of scissors.

:: My head weighs a quarter of what I thought it did.

:: Product? Oh you're kidding me...

In my head, it was a really big deal. I had short hair when I was born. There are photos of me as a child with shortish hair, only because I hadn't yet been alive long enough for it to grow. 25 year of long hair. No, my whole memory of long hair. No one has ever seen me with short hair aside from my parents. As much as we try not to make our identities physical, I was my hair. People who haven't seen me since primary school recognise me because I haven't changed. Ever.

But when she cut it, and cut and cut and cut it, it wasn't a big deal. I stepped outside, and it really truely was not a big deal. It just felt strange.

So, there you go. I didn't die after all.


  1. Anonymous6/6/06 02:15

    Funny sensation, isn't it? I remember exactly those sorts of sensations when I got rid of the ponytail - for ages afterward, every time I turned over in bed I was still giving my head a flick so I didn't lie on my nonexistent hair. I'd had it long for about fifteen years. Getting rid of the beard after about twelve years had a similar effect.

  2. Anonymous6/6/06 02:15

    Oh, and: it's Miho hair!

  3. Wait, who's Miho? I know that name, but it isn't connecting with anything....

  4. Anonymous6/6/06 03:02

    Ah yes, I know every single one of those from when I hacked my hair off nearly as short as yours. I had the hardest time with trying to put my hair back in a ponytail for work because it was suddenly in my face even more than it was before, but all the little shorties in the front didn't want to stay in the elastic.

    Looks awesome. Can't wait to play with it it in August. :)

  5. Yes! The bloody thing won't get out of my face! I don't want to be snazzy and stylish all the time, sometimes I just want to SEE. Going to get some small elastics and clips very soon.

  6. Ha! Finally, my hair is longer!

    It looks good :)

  7. Anonymous6/6/06 06:32

    You remember Miho!


    Panel two.

  8. Doink. Yes, now I remember Miho. It's been aaaaaages since I last read Megatokyo.

    Mabs, that's what you get for having ridiculously fine hair.

  9. Anonymous6/6/06 10:24

    It IS Miho hair. :D It is wonderful, adorable, gorgeous hair and I love it.

  10. Anonymous6/6/06 11:34

    I repeat: Gawsh.

  11. Wow! Looks great!

    I cut my long hair when I was about 21. I remember how traumatic it was at first, then I grew to love the convenience -- quick drying, no hair bands to fuss with, etc.


    And belated happy birthday to you!

  12. Anonymous6/6/06 15:41

    Ooh! Looks great!

    I think the weirdest thing for me when I first cut my hair short was brushing it. My arm would fly off the end of my hair, shocked to be at the end of my hair already every time I brushed it. Kinda like walking up the stairs and expecting there to be another step when you're already at the top.

    I tend to let mine grow for ages and ages and then get it cut shortish again now.

  13. Anonymous6/6/06 19:51

    Looks way cool.

    My hair was about shoulder-length for years before I got it cut. And yeah, it freaked me out for months afterwards. I kept feeling like I had phantom hair.

  14. Anonymous8/6/06 12:06

    oh, my tessa! it's a shock, but you rock the new style very hard, m'dear. :)

    like jaime said, can't wait to mess with it in august. *smooch*

  15. I give it two thumbs up. The strangest thing, for me, about short hair is feeling a breeze on the back of your neck.