Monday, June 26, 2006

Shadows and Ice: Kicking Arse Comic Style

'Shadows and Ice' was an internet moniker I made up when I was 16. In the throes of adolescent angst and misery and woe. It was probaby accurate at the time, which doesn't stop me cringing slightly now. Oh, drama.

Still, it stuck for 8 years. You can still see it hanging around here and there - my login on the Voyager Online forums (which I should really check more often), my livejournal login, various utility logins, my actual Shadowmarch login, it was my previous domain name and email address - it was well loved.

And now it has a brand spanking shiny sparkling twinkling new aura of coolness, by being used as the Super Villain name of a web comic character. Michael (aka The Microphone on the Smarch boards) even gave her my nickname's nickname; Shads. And she rocketh muchly. There are only two strips up at the moment, as he's just starting, but have a gawk anyway. The sparklies compel you.


  1. Anonymous29/6/06 12:03

    You know, I do believe I was the first person to call you Shads. At least on Shadowmarch.

    I do wish you were coming to NY -- I understand that big cities probably don't appeal that much, but New York has a way of winning you over...


  2. I do believe you're the first person to call me Shads too.

    And I wish I was visiting NY as well. I had planned to originally, but when I found this tour with all the mountains in it....