Thursday, November 24, 2011

"I'm not sipping on tea while typing this eating crumpets."

Earlier in the year I created a profile on that notorious dating site OkCupid, not because I was looking for anything, but because a friend of mine who shall remain anonymous told me a hilariously wrong bad not good story of a fleeting interaction she had on the site, and I just had to get me some of that.

Online dating gets a bad rap from the older generations. We still don't understand that society is online now, it is normal to meet and make friends online, and have them be genuine and true. It's no longer a weird or even shameful thing to have met your partner online. I've actually had a fantastic run on the site, I've met genuinely awesome people who I have kept as friends. Ace? Ace!

That said, I'm on it for the people watching. Below is a selection of messages I've received since changing my location to the US of A. I have responded to none of these. Some of them are examples of what not to do, some of them are "WTF?", and some of them are just plain amusing.

The next two are a single message.

The next two messages are from the same chap, one after the other.

I am a bit of a Bitchface McBitchy for putting these up for mockery, I know. I do acknowledge that a great many people dipping their toes into the world of online dating are looking for something specific, as opposed to just looking, and for those people this is Serious Business and therefore they are taking significant risks with their heart and happiness by putting themselves out there.

Good for you. You know what you want, and your out there getting it.

Keep a sense of humour though. When it comes down to it, there is nothing about dating that isn't funny.


  1. Nah, you're not being mean by posting those on your blog. What's mean is to post them, including the OkC user name, in the OkCupid forums. Which is what I used to do with the worst of the idiotic messages I'd get.

    ~ Tracy/dd~>

  2. ArthurMiller@OUSalesperson24/11/11 09:15

    I think circus guy was probably fishing but I hope he actually honestly thinks that the only reason to travel to faraway places for short periods of time is to perform in a circus.

  3. I thought I heard circus music coming out of your room last night.

  4. DD: my rule is never qo lookinq for the crazy. Just let the crazy come to me. :p

    There are only evil circuses.

  5. That's it. Renewing my OKC profile, dammit. Clearly I bailed before the crazy got good and thick.