Thursday, November 17, 2011

High Line

The High Line is a nifty lil park on the west side of Manhattan, narrow and stretching some blocks north to south. The overhead railway lines, decommissioned and derelict, have been reclaimed and made over into something that is more a work of art than a park. It's a landscape sculpture of urban decay, floral hardiness and some fabulous design.

Sadly, my camera and my photographerbrains were not of a high enough skill to capture the awesome (also I couldn't get enough distance nor break in the people strolling), so here are just a couple of wee tasters.

The park was fairly busy even on a Monday morning, and I believe it when I'm told that on weekends and in summer it is almost a no go zone. There are plans to expand it with further lines reclaimed, and if they don't put a neat little bar in there it would be a shame.


  1. Oh MAAAAAN, I'm jelly! I'd love to see this. Urban renewal shouldn't just consist of buildings, bricks and mortar.

    Thanks for blogging about it. :)

  2. You would LOVE the High Line! There is some amazing design and thought gone into it - really. Heaps of greenery, places to sit that aren't just benches but items of interest in themselves, views down the massive long streets...trés awesome.