Wednesday, February 22, 2006

PMS [demon] -

No one knows what colour she is, as she is always covered in the Blood Of Her Enemies. She doesn't speak, but screams.

  1. The PMS card, once played, cannot be used again for one month.

  2. When PMS is in play, the player takes a negetive fifty penalty to Charisma, Fortitude, and Happy Beans.

  3. When PMS is in play, INSECURITY receives a plus fifty bajillion bonus to attack power.

  4. If the player chooses to invoke chocolate, PMS has decreased attack power by thirty percent for twenty minutes. After that time, PMS regains full attack power, and INSECURITY receives an additional ten percent bonus due to feeling guitly for eating chocolate.

Yep. I'm feeling that fifty bajillion extra attack power.

(Promise I'll stop messing around with my demons and make a sensible post soon.)


  1. Anonymous22/2/06 04:12

    Oh, I know her well.

    Seriously, I need to get to the twatdoc for an inspection and tuneup, and a prescription to get back on the pill. PMS is so much easier when I'm hormonally enhanced...

  2. I'm on the pill. Don't like to think of the attack bonus being waved around if I wasn't.

  3. Anonymous24/2/06 12:15

    You too, huh?

    ~snicker~ Twatdoc. Only Jaime could get away with saying that, I think. And I shall adopt it and all will marvel.

    I've found away around the chocolate-guilt by accompanying mum to the gym every morning. It's only a little shiny sharp thing in the face of the raging battle, but it helps.