Wednesday, December 07, 2011

Sir Tessa accidentally all over the concept of video blogging. Whoopsie.

In summary;

  • My hands are not cooperatinq enouqh to bloq reqularly or edit all my photos
  • There are videos from the Qolden Circle around Reykjavik
  • I have a hat



  1. Excellent! Good waterfall! Good bunny hat! More!

  2. This is so wonderful!! Thank you!! You look so damn cute in that hat, rabbits are vermin anyway. It's amazing how much more of a sense of you and the place is conveyed through video, I'm crying and laughing all over my toast ^_,^

  3. Very cool! Just like being there!

  4. Not that I would know what's it like to be there.

  5. Excellent stuff!! Good hat (and yes it is a necessity!)

  6. Thank you for not pointinq and lauqhinq at me. :p

    (I seriously love the hat.)

  7. I'm okay with fur as a necessity as opposed to fur as a vanity.

    Oarsum waterfall.

  8. ArthurMiller@OUSalesperson8/12/11 02:28

    The sun; it's so BIG! And the ground is being ripped apart and I think I need to go to Iceland now.

  9. So! Jealous!

    How can something as cold as snow make landscapes to beautiful?!

    Also, it's been entirely too long since I was down under. I found myself thinking throughout this video that you have a funny accent, while I'm pretty certain you sounded completely normal back when I was down there.

  10. Anonymous8/12/11 18:09

    Something be eating my comments? (I thought I'd seen that happening before, and so checked in a different browser after posting now, and the comment definitely showed. But 5 minutes later it was still gone. Am I triggering any anti-spam measure here, or...?)

    ~ Aan

  11. Nice to hear from you! Iceland does look awesome. I envy you being in Viking country. And that's a good hat. I do like a good furry hat, me.